Is Cash Back on Ebates Worth It?

For a Layman, the word cashback will mean ‘cash which will be back.’ But what is a cashback site? Cashback website or site is a sort of reward website which gives its users a percent of the money earned when they shop products & services via its associate links.
Today, after the emerging awareness & availability of internet at almost every part and region of the world, it is very simple to avail money back on the products purchased online. It is just a simple add-on to your normal online shopping procedure.

How do you get cashback?

Cashback Process is the complete procedure for how to get the money back by purchasing things online through a cashback website, like Ebates (my Ebates Review). The ultimate user/consumer or customer, when purchases a product/service via a reward website, the site offers a percentage of the price paid by the user or some fixed amount of money to the customer. This amount is given to the user through their account with that cashback site or into their personal bank account. The period for transferring the money into the user’s account varies from site to site. As some site pay it to their customers after a successful transaction done from both the ends. But some sites pay it after a period like after a month, 45 days or more time.

Why use cashback websites?

To be able to get your head around the business concept a little better, it is probably helpful to know what an affiliate program is, or to learn about what commission is. Nearly every online store has an affiliate program. Anybody with a website can become an affiliate of another online retailer. The answer simply is that you can earn money for doing so – this is called commission. Every time someone goes to your site clicks on the affiliate link and then spends money on online shopping, you will be earning a commission. It is a way of the online retailers to generate as many sales as possible.

So what a cashback website does is it provides affiliate links to all sorts of online stores. These links look normal to the average web surfer, and they take you to the normal website, but without you knowing the cashback website is earning money from your shopping. They want you to keep on doing this, so they pass on as much of the commission that they earn to you, as cash back, to encourage you to use their website.

The great thing about these cashback websites is that they don’t only give you money to shop online, but they also pay you to join up to free websites, to take advantage of free sign up offers and trials, and they also pay you to perform other sorts of transactions online. Do you realize that if you use a cashback website to do your car insurance online, you could earn £100 cashback? Or you could get £50 for opening a bank account online? Or you could get £30 for applying to a new credit card? You can even earn £20 to sign up to an online bingo site and bet £20 – and in this case even if your bet loses you still get the cashback!

Once again, to put things simply, if you ever shop or gamble or perform any transactions online then you simply must use a cashback website. You can earn thousands of pounds for doing so, even if you don’t spend that much money online, and if you don’t use one of these special rebate sites then you are simply throwing money down the drain!

Ebates is the pioneer of online shopping. If you are a regular online shopper and haven’t yet registered in Ebates then you’re losing out. Go through this Ebates review or and let me know your take.

Online shopping is HUGE these right now and growing bigger everyday. Everything you can imagine is available online. But every time you buy something you may have to visit different sites. This is where Ebates makes your job easier and faster. Not only that, every time you shop through Ebates, you earn money through their unique cash back system.

Ebates is not a shopping portal. These online stores have affiliate ties with Ebates, including big names like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Wal-Mart. So, whenever you buy something through Ebates, the Ebates earns a commission from the affiliate network. Ebates then distributes a part of their commission as cash back to you.

How does Ebates work?

First of all, you have to register with Ebates with your email address. You also need to have a PayPal account. Initially, Ebates will offer a $10 gift card that will be directly sent to your account once you make a purchase of at least $25.

You’ll have an option to shop from thousands of online shops.

You can click on the online shopping site directly. But, being an Ebates member, it is feasible to install Ebates cash back button on your internet browser and login to Ebates while shopping. This enables you to earn cash back without visiting

You get paid by Ebates four times a year and it’s absolutely hassle free, though many account holders complain that the payment frequency needs to be increased.
There are two options: you can get checks through email, or you can ask for payment through PayPal. The majority of Ebates members choose the second option, since it is safer, easier, and faster.

Also, you can directly credit your cash back earnings to a charitable organization or any of your family members.

Advantages of Ebates

  • Rewards. You can shop directly from your preferred sites. Yet, buying through Ebates makes the process better. Ebates does not charge anything. All you have to do is to install cash back button and login with your email account. It takes a few minutes initially, besides there is no other time consuming job here, other than clicking a simple link.
  • Clarity in instructions. The list of stores where you are buying regularly shows clearly the cash back percentage you are going to get on a purchase. It enables you to decider and estimate your purchases accordingly.
  • Strong customer care management. Ebates has been in the industry since 2000. They have stayed in business mainly due to their strong customer care management. Ebates solves any issues promptly and they are also prompt in replying customers’ questions.

Disadvantages of Ebates

  • Payment irregularities. Ebates pays four times a year. Moreover, many members complain of not receiving payments on time. This is the most discussed issue regarding Ebates, but I’ve never had an issue with this.
  • Cash back in limited categories. – As a shopper you must know that you do not get cash back of every category of items you buy through Ebates (e.g. Amazon does not offer cash back for most items you buy through this popular online retailing service. Amazon extends their offers only on a few articles which they change periodically).

Maximize Your Ebates Earnings

One way to maximize your earnings is to use Ebates’ Cash Back Visa Credit Card. On many purchases you’ll get 3% extra cash back if you make purchases through this credit card. But, you need to be eligible for the card and later you need to know the categories where you use it. Ebates also investigates your credit worthiness while issuing this credit card.


Ebates is a very popular online shopping management website. Ebates doesn’t consume your time or hinder your online shopping experience. It just takes an extra second to click through the link to get 2-8% cash back. It doesn’t make sense to not sign up because it doesn’t cost anything. I appreciate you rolling by my Ebates review.