Echo Dot vs Echo Spot – The Winner Is…

Meet Alexa.

Alexa is the next step in AI devices like Siri and Google Assistant, but better.

When I first bought Alexa home in the form of Echo Dot, I discovered she had capabilities that made me feel like I stepped into the future. Like Siri, Alexa uses speech recognition to do tasks for you in your home. Amazon is free to join but if you upgrade to Amazon Prime there are loads more things you can access. I installed the free app on my phone (and my PC and tablet) and away I went.

The Dot is an impressive device at $50. I bought it to find out if I needed something like this or not. Amazon has 5 versions available the Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show.

I haven’t set my Dot up to turn my lights on and off yet but I could if I bought the Belkin WeMo Light Switch or some smart bulbs.

Echo Dot


  • I wake up in the morning and don’t have to open my eyes to find out what time it is, same with knowing what the weather is like.
  • I can ask for her to play music or use the TV with various platforms and not have to find the remote.
  • I can jibber-jabber with Alexa, she never gets bored and will even give me up to date scores on sports.
  • If I am cooking, I can have her set a timer and ask how much time is left.


Echo Spot


  • Between the Dot and the Spot, the difference is a screen. This means I can not only ask for things but I can have Alexa show me things like my calendar, personal photos or video stream. If I go and buy a surveillance camera I can get her to show me things while I am out.
  • Spot is a great smart alarm


  • The speakers. Why not make them the same quality as the Plus and Echo?

Amazon wants you to buy more than one device and gives discounts for doing that. I watch video on my phone and television and while cool, apart from a few home security features and video play capability there is not much the Spot can do that the Dot can’t do.